ImageThis month’s Glossybox was especially amazing!  They paired up with Guess, so the first thing included in the box was an adorable denim makeup bag and 30% off coupon for in stores or online.  Another thing to note is that all the products this month are FULL SIZED!!  WOW.  I was trying to see somewhere if there was a special reason for this, but if there is I did not find it.  Great month for Glossybox subscribers!  On to the products…


ModelCo Shadow Swatches

The first product included was a ModelCo eyeshadow duo called “Bronzed Goddess”.  I believe the shades are Maldives & Jamaica.  The lighter shade is a very pretty, very sparkly off-white.  The brown has a gorgeous copper sheen to it and copper sparkles throughout.  I suspect fallout would be a problem with these, as they are kind of glitter bombs, but they are so pretty, and the formulation is very soft and smooth.  In addition, the packaging is thin and sleek.  The retail value is 25$.

The next item in the box is Novex extra deep hair cream.  It is a brazilian keratin treatment that is supposed to sit on towel dried hair for three minutes and then be washed out.  It is a light smelling product that is supposed to help restore shine and smoothness.  It is meant for all hair types.  Retail value of the Novex treatment is 4.99$


Anatomicals facial spritz

One of my favorite items in the box is the Anatomicals facial spritz.  It comes in an adorable purple bottle with the following saying, underneath this hilarious picture of Clint Eastwood: “Not Clint (as in Eastwood), more mint (as in peppermint) and a long list of other co-starring ingredients such as rose, lavender, aloe and witch hazel to leave your skin refreshed and radiant.  You could say it’s the spray that makes your day.”  The lavender is calming and peppermint is refreshing.  As I sprayed this, I got the comment that it smelled like a grandma but to be honest I think it smells great!  I love this spritz.  It is very refreshing and light.  This retails for 9$.

The next product in the box I am more than familiar with and was absolutely THRILLED to receive.  Sue Devitt’s Triple C-Weed Pressed Powder is one of my favorites.  It is hard to find, as the brand is not doing as well as it once was.  I believe they are only sold at Macy’s now.  This powder, however, is amazing.  And it is in the shade I use!!!  Quiet and still, which is the lightest shade they make.  Glossybox describes the powder as nourishing with green tea and brightening with vitamin C.  It also describes it as lightweight but I know from experience that with the right brush you can build pretty great coverage.  It looks so natural and one thing that wasn’t included in the description but that I know is that it contains nylon-12, which helps it move with any fine lines in your skin.  This powder truly doesn’t cake and is amazing.  It retails for $28.


Jelly Pong Pong swatch

The last item in this month’s box is from a brand I have never heard of: Jelly Pong Pong.  It is a lip blush, which basically looks comparable to the Pop Beauty lip crayons.  I didn’t see a name for the color, but it’s a barbie pink that at first goes on sheer but can be built to an opaque coverage.  It is technically called a hydrating lip stain, but it is made of beeswax and ceresin wax and doesn’t seem to leave much of a stain.  I did, however, only swatch it but usually stains will leave a little bit of a mark after a few minutes.  Not a big deal, but I think this is more like a colored lip balm/lipstick.  It is gorgeous, and it does indeed feel hydrating.  This stick retails for 18$.

The box ends up coming to around 22$ with tax and everything and is shipped monthly to your house.  It provides a good mixture of hair, makeup, and skin products.  This month it was heavy on the makeup side, but who complains about that??  My total product worth, considering I got all full sized products, was 84.99$.  What a great deal!  And so much fun having a little gift delivered monthly 🙂  What do you think??

Every girl has the image of a hair salon with a blonde who has a full head of foils in their hair, but not everyone knows about or understands the technique of balayaging.  At my salon, I get so many people who have no idea what it even is.  Hopefully this entry will not only introduce people to a new possible color technique, but also explain what it is in a basic sense.


Sun-kissed balayage

Balayage is pronounced ball-ee-ahj.  It is a highlighting technique that, unlike foils, is free-hand painted on the hair.  It allows the color technician to visually lighten the hair where it needs to be, and it also can provide a more diffused highlight.

When would I consider using balayage as opposed to foils?

Balayaging is great for someone with virgin hair (someone who has never colored their hair before) and who wants subtle, natural looking highlights.  It is also lower maintenence, and will grow out a lot nicer.  For that reason, a lot of people end up absolutely loving this technique.  Another time I love using it is when someone feels they need just a few brightening and face framing pieces.  It’s easy to pop on, and blends very nicely. Lastly, if someone has short hair it is so much more natural looking to hand-paint highlights instead of using foils.  Using foils on short hair can end up leaving streaks and stripes.


Traditional foil highlights

When should I use foils for highlights?

Although I am a huge fan of balayage, it does not mean that I am in any way discrediting foil highlights.  I myself get foils.  The reason being, foils are best if you are looking to be all over more blonde from your highlights.  If a person is a fan of the textured, more chunky highlights, very often they will more enjoy having foil highlights in their hair.  On that same note, if one is looking to achieve a more dramatic and bright look, foil highlights can easily bring this to you.  Foils will bring more even looking highlights that can indeed be very popular as well.

No matter which technique you choose, foiling and balayging can both be used to generally achieve somewhat similar results.  They also both have positives and negatives, and neither technique is, in my opinion, superior to the other.  Additionally, although it is great to know about these different highlight styles, it is always best to ask your stylist what they believe will be best for your hair.  HAPPY HIGHLIGHTING! 🙂

ImageHello everyone!  I have been insanely busy and haven’t posted in a while…but today I came home and my Birchbox for August was in the mail!  If you don’t know, it is a 10$ monthly subscription box where you get to try out samples.  You typically recieve 4-5 samples, and then a beauty extra which can be more beauty samples, food, etc.  I am on the west coast so it takes me a long time to get my boxes…by the time I get mine I have already given in and youtube’d videos of other people opening theirs.  For some reason though, my boxes always seem so unique.  Some of these products I didn’t see anyone at all get, and I watched a bunch!  I love this subscription box because it has such a great mixture of haircare, nailcare, makeup, skincare and random products as well.  Birchbox is my favorite and I haven’t yet been disappointed.  Anyway, on to the products.

ImageEvery box includes a card with the price of the full size products so you can decide if you’d want to purchase, as well as a very brief description.  On the other side of the card is the theme; this month was Finishing School…and that is not finishing up school, it is specifically that kind of school you would have gone to in the past if you had a lot of money and your parents wanted you to learn how to be a lady.  I don’t see how the products this month fit the theme, but that’s not something I am really concerned about.

ANYWAY.  Onto my first product.  The Amika Blow Up Spray I have heard great things about.  Unfortunately, due to being paranoid about heat and having curly hair, I never blow dry my hair.  I do occasionally diffuse, so I appreciate the heat protection properties the product provides.  However, I liked that they left a note on there that this could also be used as a restyling spray.  This will be what I will use it for.  The smell is faint and light, and smells really clean and wonderful.  The spray pump works very well.

COOLA is a brand I am familiar with, although I have never tried this specific sunscreen.  In general though, their products smell great, are lightweight and moisturizing, and feel as luxurious as a sunscreen can feel.  They are priced a bit steep though.

Jasmine Seven is a brand I have never heard of.  I’m sure Birchbox had no idea, but I am a FREAK about my feet.  Given my two jobs, I am on my feet anywhere from like 6 to 16 hours a day.  I wash my feet obsessively.  These towelettes are peppermint, so I think they may be great halfway through a long shift to refresh your feet and rejuvenate them.  I hope they tingle because it is probably very soothing.  I will most likely review these after trying.

I was so excited when I saw the full size Jouer eye pencil!  At a price of $20, that more than paid for the box itself.  I got the color ‘chocolat’, which is a metallic bronze with shimmer.  I was so pleasantly surprised when I swatched it.  It goes on very creamy and sets quickly.  Once it sets, it doesn’t budge.  Great product!

My beauty extra this month was skincare samples from the Benefit b.right line.  I was getting ready for bed and opened two, before realizing I didn’t take the picture.  😦  Anyway, I have used these products before and they smell great, but they are just okay.  I will definitely use them up, though!

Overall, I am really happy.  Birchbox has been getting some complaints about foil packets, so I think they kind of changed the packaging from foil packets to these cardboard cuter looking ones (such as my Benefit and COOLA samples).  They are the same thing; not resealable and annoying.  But, the other products, especially the eyeliner, made up for it.  Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!

I was walking around Ulta and I always notice the sleek packaging of the CK One makeup line.  Something about it is oddly attractive to me.  I played around with a lot of the testers on my hand, and none of the foundations seemed to be pink enough for me.  I decided to take home one of the quads.  Being that I have blue eyes, I chose Nymphete, which has four gorgeous colors I really thought would emphasize the color of my eyes.



ImageI got home and eagerly started playing with it, and was so disappointed.  Upon first opening and using it, none of the colors showed up!!  My swatches were sheer, dry and the sparkles were sparse in the two top colors.  I ended up using a clean spoolie to rough up the top layer of the shadows, and two ended up being usable.  Two, unfortunately are very, very difficult to work with.

ImageThe two colors that I have found myself able to use and have enjoyed are the pink and the taupe sparkly shadow.  The pink is a gorgeous matte blue-toned pink, and the taupe sparkly shadow has a rosy undertone and lots of sparkles, so it is great when I want to go for that look!  Unfortunately, the neutral flesh-toned shadow I was so excited for is barely visible (and not because it matches my skin…the product won’t stick even with a primer–extremely chalky).  And the main color that I thought would compliment my eyes is this gorgeous plum with pink and burgundy shimmer.  It goes on almost completely sheer, is just as chalky and even though it looks dark, I can rub my finger pretty hard on the shadow back and forth and nothing comes up.  It is the strangest formulation I have ever seen in a shadow.  I have never had a quad that had two fairly decent shadows and two completely unusable shadows in the same packaging.  My last qualm wouldn’t be that big of a deal if the product was amazing but the back of the packaging is this cool suede finish but it ends up attracting dust, etc. galore!


Overall, I give this product a C- even though I do love the pink and the shimmery taupe.  I would recommend walking right past this one.  At least I’ll get some use out of this!



One of my current favorites that I have been testing out has to be without a doubt, Laura Mercier’s face illuminator called Spellbound.  It is a rose-gold illuminator that would be a perfect bronzer for me, considering how fair I am, if it weren’t so shimmery.  It is absolutely a gorgeous color, and I find myself layering it underneath blushes for a really healthy glow.  Alone, it is easy to use too heavy of a hand because with the shimmer your pores can tend to seem larger than they are.  The packaging and design on the powder is to die for…it is *almost* too pretty to use!





Lasting power of this powder is great, I did not have any issues whatsoever with it.  Pigment is also amazing.  Overall color is very pretty, although better suited for people with a warmer skintone than what my skin is.  Overall, I like it a lot and would give it an 8/10.  It is part of her fall 2013 collection, so be sure to pick one up!


Hello people!  I just wanted to do a quick introduction post.  My name is Cecilia, and I am absolutely obsessed with beauty products, styles, tips, etc.  I am very excited to start a blog about it!  As a professional in the beauty industry, I feel I have a lot of great information to offer those seeking it.  I will apologize ahead of time for the quality of my pictures and such, as I am currently using my Iphone.  I will be posting my first review probably later tonight!  If anyone wants me to review a certain product or write some kind of tutorial at any time, please let me know.  I am ecstatic to begin, so here we go…